A better way in Universal Health Coverage / UHC

Current project: Help for Ukrainian refugees

Many refugees from Ukraine are now in Western Europe „with nothing in their hands“. We give our best to provide them with sustainable support in medical care by offering our MedGuide also in German-Ukrainian (and soon as an English version). Please contact us if you are either interested in this MedGuide Ukraine or want to support this project. The WHO has recommended our Edition MedGuide.

General medicine, Pregnancy and midwifery, Mental health

We provide reliable translations for various medical topics. Our detailed „MedGuide“-books make you largely independent of automated translation engines and paid interpreter services. With the „MedGuide“-books you can 

  • get in your clinical exploration a detailed medical history
  • explain physical examinations
  • tell your patient the next diagnostic steps
  • explain further treatments

The contents are supported by detailed illustrations. You save precious time while helping.

Please download our flyer (PDF) in English here.

Reliable help also for Nurse and Patient, with a focus on Home care

We support the nursing care. The Multilingual Picture Board shows the most important topics in everyday clinical practice. They allow you to communicate with foreign-language patients easily and without wasting any time. This can help in almost all common situations in the hospital, nursing home, outpatient and home care service.

Our  Multilingual Picture Board make you largely independent of interpreters and third parties. You understand reliably what your patient needs and can explain nursing activities. As in the MedGuide books, the content are supported by detailed illustrations. 

Global Health – fighting against COVID-19

Medical and socially active students all over the world had been unified to fight COVID-19. We developed detailed information to reduce fear, strengthen trust in vaccination and, mostly important, deliver reliable information beside all ‚fake news‘. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information.

We had been awarded e.g. by a prize for “transcultural communication in medicine” by the German foundation of the Lions Charity Organization.